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9/25/98 Added the Poll, Bulletin Board and Announce My Site sections. Also added 2 more causes and downloaded instant messenger.

10/11/98 Added Information, News, and Reviews sections

10/18/98 Added Chat Room, and new navigation system. Updated news.

11/14/98 Added Pictures from Hard Rock Live, Nickelooozone, Fox Family Channel Special, Howie Mandel, and Total Request Live. Updated news.

11/21/98 Added Pictures from Rosie. Updated News.

11/25/98 Added Site Map, alternate way to navigate my site, and Disclaimer. Joined 2 Webrings. Updated News.

11/29/98 Added Pictures from Motown Live and The Top 25 of the Decade.

12/6/98 Added Pictures from Letterman, Buddy Farro, and Jay Leno. Added Quotes section. Updated News.

12/11/98 Added Pictures from Billboard Music Awards, Jack Frost Premier from tv, and Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Updated News.

12/20/98 Added Pictures from Donnie & Marie and Buzzworthy. Added .avis and Sister Sites Section.

12/21/98 Added Pictures from Melrose Place.

12/27/98 Added pics from Saturday Night Live Repeat. Added links to Hanson Chats. Updated Links and News.

1/23/99 Added pictures from Motown Live #2. Updated News.

3/11/99 Changed look of front page a little and did some spring cleaning around the site.

4/1/99 Changed background of front page; added new awards, help section, quizlet, and e-mail service; joined 2 new webrings. Updated news.

4/23/99 Added to Misc. Pictures 2, changed quizlet question, updated info. section.

5/9/99 Added Free for all links to links page.

5/19/99 Added Star Wars Premier Pictures. Updated News

5/31/99 Added welcome and thanks pages. Updated help, disclaimer, and site map pages.

6/11/99 Added 4 pictures to Misc2 page

6/26/99 Added Fox Familiy Channel's Famous Family Special pictures

7/5/99 Added a Hanson Fan Fic, a Slambook and the Vote for this Site Section. Added an award. Updated news section

7/10/99 Added Pics and a Wav from the Women's World Cup Soccer and started the 1st Annual Hanson Picture Page Awards.

7/28/99 Made sure every page had the same font and had a picture on it.(house keeping for 1st birthday). Added interactive story.

8/1/99 Announced winners of 1st Annual Hanson Picture Page Awards. Added Chapter 5, 6, and 7 to my Fan Fic.

8/15/99 Added entry page and frames version

8/26/99 Added java applet and pictures to youth pictures page.

9/13/99 Added Birthday Countdown and Love Test.

9/16/99 Updated News and Vote and Requestion Hanson sections.

9/19/99 Updated Interactive Story and Site of the Month. Added the Hanson Top 50 banner.

9/29/99 Updated News Section

10/7/99 Updated Vote and Request Hanson Section, added link to My Hanson Links, added answers to quiz #4, put up quiz #5, updated News, updated interactive story, and added Chapter 8 and 9 to Story.

10/16/99 Added Halloween and cake graphics to front page. Added Comments and Suggestions, and Exit sections.

10/24/99 Added pictures from Space Ghost and redid the frames page a litte.

11/4/99 Updated news and the start page. Added transcript from the 10/29/99 Yahoo Chat.

11/26/99 Got rid of the underlines on every link on this site. Joined a webring. Added Chapter 10 and 11 to my Fan Fic

12/4/99 Changed the fan fic section a little. Won 2 awards. Announced the som winner for December.

12/18/99 Changed the frames page a little. Please vote for me in the UHLP Y2K awards. Updated News Section. Updated Interactive Story

12/24/99 Added the E-mail Messenger, Run Run Rudolph MP3, Hanson collage #1,#2, & #3, Hanson Test, and Link of the Minute.

1/1/00 Added 2 sister sites! Welcome ladies! Added Y2K Version to my banners. Added a Non-Hanson Links page. Added pictures to youth section.

1/26/00 Added 3 new award sites in the vote for me section. Added countdown to the news album page. Redid start page a little.

2/8/00 Updated news section.

2/11/00 Updated news section. Updated new album section. Added pics from Jay Leno, Access Hollywood, and MTV News1515.

2/14/00 Updated album countdown page. Added Pics and Clips page for album. Changed the quiz.

3/9/00 Added Pics from TRL, Hanson @ MTV, Making of the Video and 6 more promo pics. Updated news.

4/1/00 made minor changes to a few pages. Updated news. Changed poll. Added pictures from TRL.

4/20/00 Added 2 pics to the animated gif on the front page. Joined 1 webring and added new webring of my own. Added chapter 12 to my story. Updated news.

5/1/00 Changed poll.

5/10/00 Added pics from David Letterman, VH1's Daily one, Rosie, CNN Showtime, and TRL.

5/20/00 Added pics from House of Style and SNICK House. Updated news. Added Trades and Faves pages.

5/26/00 Added pics from Teen People's Hotest 25 Under 25.

6/3/00 Added a cause, added a non-hanson link, added answers to quiz 11.

6/11/00 Updated the news and transcript pages. Added a new sister site. Did some general housekeeping.

6/17/00 Added a new link, a pic from the songwriters hall of fame, and chapters 13 and 14 to my story

6/30/00 New Quiz. Second annual HPP awards.

7/15/00 Added pics from TRL on 7/11/00, VH1's the List, and Say What Karaoke. Added My Concert Experience section.

7/22/00 Added pictures from Fox Family Channel's Hi Fi Room. Added new counter. Changed dropdown menus a little and did some other housekeeping stuff. Updated news and moe netpicks.

7/30/00 Changed quiz. Updated News.

8/11/00 Announced 2nd annual HPP award winners, added jay leno pics and my Phoenix concert review and pics, and updated news.

8/23/00 Added pics from Teen Choice Awards and VH1 When They Were Stars. Added chapter 15 to my fan fiction. Updated news, transcripts, bravenet codes, Hanson Information and the frames navagation. New Quiz and som winner.

8/31/00 Updated links and my concert experiences sections.

9/8/00 Added pics to misc pics page. Updated news and moe netpics page. Changed my Web Theatre review page a little.

9/13/00 Added pics from CBS' Early Show and TRL 9/13/00.

10/30/00 Changed Quiz. Added review and pics from Az. State Fair, new test, sister site and FAQ section. Updated Interactive Story, news, and Site of the Month. Redid non-frames page.

11/19/00 Added pics from Noah Knows Best.

12/16/00 Updated news. Changed quiz. Added Chapters 16-19 to My Story.

1/11/01 Added poetry, art and obsession signs sections. Updated trades section.

2/1/01 Updated obsession signs and news. Moved fan fiction to new server. Added Hanson Stuff I'm Looking For section.

4/22/01 Added tribute page for the new album. Updated news.

4/29/01 Added new links in the news, causes and, moe net pick pages. Updated news and added my opinions to the news page.

6/3/01 Updated news, Site map, and trade sections. Made sure all my pages are the same color and layout. Moved my opinions to my faves section and added coming attractions to the updates page.

6/14/01 Added new pictures to the picture/wav section. Updated news and my fan fiction. Changed the poll.

6/28/01 Added pics and the transcript from Spill your Guts #17. Also added more obsession signs.

7/4/01 Added pics and the transcript from Spill your Guts #23."

8/3/01 Added 3rd annual hpp award winners, Site of the month winner, chapter 24 of my fan fic., a diary, and pics from MTV birthday bash. Changed quiz and posted results of old quiz. Updated news and obsession signs.

8/18/01 Added pics from many old and 2 newer appearances.

9/30/01 Re-designed my start, frames and non-frames pages a little. Wrote in my journal. Changed the quiz and put up the results from the old one. Updated the news. Added Chapters 25 and 26 to my fan fic story.

12/1/01 Changed my start page to a christmas motif. Updated news. cleaned up a few pages.

12/21/01 Added pics from the great american history quiz.

1/11/02 Added pics from Sabrina.

2/1/02 Put up new quiz and put up results of old quiz.

4/28/02 Put up Chapters 27 and 28 of my fanfic.

6/21/02 Added Chapters 29 and 30 to my fanfic. Updated the news. Updated links all over the site.

11/02/02 Updated the news.

11/24/02 Added Pics from Bubblegum Babylon. Updated news.

12/25/02 Put up leno skit from 1999 again. Updated news.

5/4/03 Updated News

5/18/03 Updated News

6/3/03 Added pics from Vh1 Wedding Special

6/14/03 Updated news.

6/18/03 Added pics from Vh1's 100 greatest songs from the past 25 years.

6/27/03 Added pics from Vh1's 50 greatest teen idols.

7/11/03 changed codes on alot of pages. updated news.

7/17/03 Added pics from Jay leno

8/9/03 Added pics from Access Hollywood

8/29/03 Added pics from E!News Live

9/5/03 Added pics from Tom Green, Orlando Jones, and Good Morning Arizona. Also my review and pics from their concert at Nita's Hideaway.

9/28/03 Added pics from the Sharon Osbourne Show. Updated news

10/30/03 Added chapters 32, 33, and 34 to my fan fiction.

11/5/03 Added pics from Live It Up With Jack and Ali

11/8/03 Added pics from Good Morning Arizona 8/06/00

12/21/03 Added pics from Today

3/7/04 Added pics from Craig Kilbourne and Ryan Seacrest. Updated news.

3/10/04 Added pics from the Wayne Brady Show

4/10/04 Updated news.

4/26/04 Added Pics from all their tv appearances from u pick to the Tonight show.

5/3/04 Added pics from E! News Live and Ellen.

7/18/04 Added pics from Vh1's I Love the 90's and More Than Music. Updated news.

9/15/04 Added pics from MTV Cribs

10/10/04 Added review and pics from Marquee Theater

7/31/05 Added pics from vh1 greatest 100 kid stars

9/18/05 Added pics from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

1/16/07 Added official links and updated the news section.

4/22/07 Added pics from Deal or No Deal.

8/4/07 Updated the news page.

8/12/07 Added pics from the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

9/11/07 Added pics from the CBS Early Morning Show

10/26/07 Added pics from Extreme Makeover Home Edition

12/23/07 Added Pics from Chelsea Lately and VH1's 100 best songs from the 90s. Updated webrings and my fan fiction.

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