Obsession Signs

You buy the Jack Frost, Malcom in the Middle and Princess Diaries soundtracks for the one Hanson song you don't have.

You tell everyone that you are your favorite Hanson brothers girlfriend but they just don't know it yet.

You visit every Hanson web site ever created.


Piercing your cartilage on your left ear. (i'm guilty)

you've already planned your future with your favorite Hanson. (ex. where you'll live once you're married, what you'll name your children)

I know that there sister Jessica had hot pink glasses. I usually have a good idea of what Zac(or any hanson, but mostly zac) is thinking on tv. i know every note on every song ever sang by hanson! Now i am a little Obsessed!!! LOL!

Get a tattoo of hanson on your arm.

I named my dog Hanson.

I buy a magazine just for a tiny picture of Hanson.

I get an enlarged poster of hanson and put it in an expensive frame and put aol CDs with gold glitter writing their songs,names,and quotes!

Get yellow sunglasses just like the ones Hanson wore with Cindy Crawford on ttmn!

I buy alost every single thing having to do with them... I know probably more than they know about themselves..hee,hee, but some are probably rumors. I dream of zac and i always get mad when he doesnt wear the certain things that would make him look soooo hot: put his hair in a low pony tail,but have the part showing and wear dark colors,just not black.... ohmygosh..... I know every word to every song of every album they have made,I am so into them, that my dad,who is a musician,loves them too,i went to their concert once and i stood on the side where no one was and I just looked at zac waving,hoping he'd look over,and he did!! then he ran down the stairs to touch everyone's hand and he touched mine,and i have dreamed of nothing else but him since..... i but every book,every magazine of them and i beat down ANYone who makes fun of them...i have the hugest poster in the world of them,it is like 7"1/2 feet tall!!!

I even celebrate their siblings birthdays.

I have 3 male cats named after hanson ike, Tay , and zac.

When you have a boyfriend and you call him by one of their names...oops...:)

I have been to their house (obsessive) and I put some of their grass into a plastic baggy.

Get told that one day you're going to get arrested for stalking them. The sad thing is, you could see that happen.

When you cry whe you hear they have girlfriends (the ugly chicks from M2M) sad huh? ='o(

when you have TTMON & RTA memorized (meee lol i cant help it, i was very very messed up durning 1998!)

) You keep a Hanson Journal, including the latest news(updated daly) You even include that your waiter was named taylor. (obsessive....nahhh!!)

I flirted with a body guard at one of their concerts so I could try to get backstage passes

1. You organize birthday parties on November 17, October 22, and March 14, then you invite guests to join in the fun 2. You no longer have any available wall space due to your huge collection of Hanson posters. 3. You get braces just because Ike had them. 4. You dye your hair blond. 5. You tape every single Hanson appearance on TV, and if you miss it you go through drastic measures to get it 6. You've taught your parents the perfect way to record incase you're not there that night. 7. You want to start a band just so that you can get famous and meet Hanson 8. You suddenly request to be called by your middle name 9. You decide to legaly change your name to Madeline or Lucy 10. You listen to MMMBop so much that you dog loves it! 11. You ask your mom to name your baby brother Taylor(my brother's name is Taylor!) 12. You meet people on the internet and they give you a phone # and they tell you that it'z Hanson's, but just on the million to one chance that it is, you call it. 13. You grow a rat-tail just like Taylor's 14. You try to master video games just because you're devoted to Zac 15. You wear only green, red, and blue 16. You call your boyfriend Ike, even though his name is Jon 17. You ask out the one guy that you really don't like because his name is Zac 18. You wrote to the White House requesting for the name USA be changed to Albertane 19. You write every major show host everyday begging to meet Hanson 20. You spent all summer perfecting your rollerblading skills due to the MMMBop video 21. You think that there really is a man from Albertane sitting at a bus stop in his underpants somewhere in Milwaukee and you went to go visit him on the hope that he'll have the connections that you need to meet Hanson. 22. You purposely cry because you're convinced that Taylor will come to you 23. You beg your parents to homeschool you 24. You involuntarily stab anyone that calls Hanson "the gay trio"( hehe, no comment.) 25. You are given a week to live and instead of spending it with family and friends you spend it stalking Hanson 26. You tried to bribe a security guard with $100 so that he would take you down to the front. 27. You call your little brother Jessica and make him wear a blonde wig 28. You make a detailed plan to kill Jennifer Love Hewitt 29. You watch TT & MON in slow-motion daily 30. You send ten thousand roses to Hanson(aww! That's really sweer though, maybe I'll do that.) 31. So far, you can relate to all of these. 32. You ask your parents for a guitar, drumset, keyboard, and 6 siblings for Christmas 33. You vote to make March 14, November 17, and October 22 national holidays 34. You've considered or have a Hanson logo tattoo You've looked into the laws of marrige before 18( if you haven't, you just have to have your parent's permission... :) ) 35. You've actually tried to make bulletproof marshmallows 36. If Ike goes to college, you immediately find out where he's going and transfer there, or if you're younger, you decide to suddenly decided to start studing to get into that college 37. You painted a giant mural on the walls of your garage 38. You get a call from your little sister's 4th grade teacher.....she's convinced that their are 1,440 hours in a day. 39. Your friend says Hanson, and you immidiatly say "WHERE?!" 40. You swear your gonna name your daughters, Jessica, Avery or Zoe 41. You can relate anything to Hanson 42. Everything you see, hear, smell, or touch has something to do with hanson 43. You pay 300 dollars to ticket scalpers for the last seats, all the way in the back just to see them, even though you CANT see them 44. Your mom personally called up the producer of MTV's FANatic to complain that you were're picked! 45. While you're in jail, you call that 1-900 number and ask for Walker Hanson's number of Tulsa Oklahoma and when he answers you ask for Zac for your one phone call. 46. You have more pictures of Hanson in your locker and binder than school work. 47. Your locker/binder is refered to as Hanson Shrine II 48. You write peoms on Hanson for skool projects. 49. You write countdowns till Hanson's next TV apperance in your school agenda 50. Your friends start addressing their mail to you as Mrs. (me: Morgan) Hanson, or Mrs. Taylor/Isaac/(me:Zac) Hanson 51. When people ask you jokingly where Hanson is now, you can actually answer them truthfully. 52. One of the presents that you sent Hanson was actually featured in an issue of MOE( I really wish) 53. You have met Hanson so many times that when they see you in a crowd they come right up to you and start talking to you because they know you(OMG! I really really really wish!! Pray for me peoples!! hehe) 54. When you're not paying attention and someone calls you Isaac/Taylor/Zac you actually say "what?" 55. You pull Zac's pony-tail holder off of his wrist( Whoever has it...I'll pay!! hehe, J/K) 56. You cry all during you city's Hanson concert 57. You talk to Hanson when you think no one's looking. 58. You "accidentally" sign your school work (your name) Hanson 59. You have dreams about them everynight. 60. You get your braces in the colors of red green and blue. 61. You beg your parents to move to Tulsa. 62. You buy colored contacts so your eye color will match to your favorite Hansons. 63. The only CDs you own are Hanson CD's and you listen to them so much that they skip.( I know all mine do) 64. You skip school to watch Hanson on TV. 65. You skip skool to try to win tickets off the radio.( I did that! I sayed home from skool for 3 days!) 66. You cry while watching the from Tulsa to Tokyo video....for the two hundredth time... 67. You own more than one copy of...EVERYTHING! hehe, just incase something happens to one... 68. You dump your boyfriend because you're going to see Hanson and you're convinced that when they look at you they're going to drop everything and come running...( I kinda got carried away with that, but it'z all peachy) 69. You constantly wear your hair in tiny braids to be like Zac 70. You kiss your posters goodnight. 71. You make your boyfriend grow his hair long. 72. You only go out with guys that have long hair, so you don't end up breaking up over the issue above, hehe. 73. You made your mom drive to the music store in the middle of an ice storm so you could get the Snowed In cd. 74. You tape all Hanson appearances on two VCRs, just in case one breaks. 75. You have firm plans to take Shawn Colvin's Grammy and place it on Hanson's mantel in it's "rightful place" ( anyone wanna join me?!?) 76. You talk about Hanson so much in school that your teachers start remembering their birthdays and remind you of apperances. 77. As your award at the end of the year the Vice Principle calls out "Most likely to Marry Taylor Hanson" 78. You have pre-written questions for the day you go on MTV's Fanatic to meet Hanson. 79. You've so badly beat up a few Hanson haters, that now, all the others are afraid of you! ( that's actually really fun, to have them be afraid) 80. You say good morning to your Hanson posters, including the ones in your locker. 81.You swear on a Hanson's life, instead of God, or the bible, and your friends take this as a most holy vow. 82. U consider Hanson your make-up gift from God for putting you with your family. 83. You convince your chorus teacher to put up a Hanson poster, telling her it would be motivation. 84. You drag your boyfriend to a Hanson concert, and then yell at him because he never wrote you a song that sweet. 85. You name your dog Moe. 86. You have no ink left in your printer because you used it all printing out Hanson pics.( it sux doesn't it) 87. You're still reading this... 88. You where a skimpy little outfit 'cause you got front row tickets to a concert and you give one of the guards a rose and tell them to give it to Taylor. 89. You almost killed yourself trying to put up posters on your celings. 90. Insted of calling your dog by it'z name you say "Mmmbop", and he comes to you... 91. Your freinds say "hanson" to get your attention.

You and your friend(s) go out and buy cloths, and say. " Thats somthing they would where,i`ll just take that.. " ( No.no,no, i don`t do that.. )

You like Hanson so much,that you and your friends pretend to be them. ( Shh! )

You watch TT&M, and RTA so much that you know every single one of the words to it. ( Uhm, like .. no comment. )

You sing the songs so much thats you can even hear your mom singing them in the shower

you have a whole video library with more that 1200hours of hanson footage, stacked on your shelves.

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Pics courtesy of Vh1's 100 best rock and roll albums of all time and 100 Best Pop Songs of All Time.

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